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2021 RASA | RTP Race Report #21 | Leon Erasmus

• Snot & Trane

• Elation

• Achievement

Pretty soon I will put down my two fingers (I use to type) and move back to my neglected day job. But I am privilaged… no, blessed to write, or is it right… about the scenes that played out this evening at Diemersfontein. It was one of love and respect. Merak and son Oliver Greaves received their blankets from Race Director Chris Fisher. This was enough to make even David’s heart melt. So much appreciation for their collective achievements. The doubt whether we will ever finish, the real thoughts of “is this worth it”, was replaced by the fix that makes me want to be back next year to feel it again too. And then just as I came back to reality, I saw the photo of Greg Fisher receiving his blanket from his brother Chris… WOW what a special moment. Tonight, I will lie under my “just a blanket” and celebrate life! “Baie geluk ouens dit was ‘n groot voorreg om julle Reis deur Asemrowende Suid Afrika te volg (RASA)”. The coveted Eland Whisperer Trophy goes to the 3 of you!!!

I woke this morning to see what the progress was of the Greaves Group and saw Josh and Sally Hayman sleeping late in Trouthaven. Late became all day… turns out it was just a tracker fault and they happily bumbled over the line at 17h00. Great ride by them.

The Kwaai (“soos in lekker”) Show rode into Trouthaven for a late show with the Brothers Payne as supporting act. It will be the SS to be at tonight. I hope they knocked… Gary (Tooth and Ankle) Scoular will join them later tonight. My guess is that Carlo, Casper, Nigel, and Adrian will leave early with the honeymoon couple and Gary following into Stettynskloof.

Jan van de Putte and Greg Philps seem to have bonded and are joined by Martin Victor and Scott Danoher. They will kiep in McGregor tonight. This foursome has been trailing together, yet not always together since Cambria. Safe to bet on them finishing day after tomorrow. Together but separated by time…

They will be joined later this evening by RTP racing pigeons Aryna Edwards and Carien Visser. These two have been riding hard and sure to set a ladies records for the RTP. My bet is that they will try and do a double tomorrow and push for Diemersfontein. Time will tell.

Ralph Buddle, Sean Brown, Rebecca Sands, Jerome O’Regan and Stefan Nel are resting in Montagu tonight. They had a glorious day with very little wind. This RTP group seems to have it waxed by riding to enjoy it.

Our self-appointed sweepers, Franci Joubert and Paul Micklewood are enjoying the waffle-topia of Rouxpos. They have grasped that one day at a time is the way to do it, no one will argue.

After what seemed like a failed attempt (of which this year’s rendition had a lot) Anthony Avidon finished his RTP under 3 days and in doing so, smashed the record. Special mention for the Penny Farthing bike he completed his attempt on. Being from Cape Town, Anthony did not have the opportunity to fetch a bike form the Makro or Game in Westville Mall, so he had to complete the race on the bike Father Christmas had left over form the 1998 WTF bin. He walked the final few kilometers to Diemersfontein, and in so doing proved that bike maintenance does not add to dramatic finishes. Well done, Ant!!! Once again, your unique approach and love for the trial has made for super entertainment. Your unselfish assistance of a fellow competitor is commendable Chapeau!!!

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