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Snap, Crackle, Pop – Winter RASA 2022 | 30 June

A little-known fact for this year’s event is (or was) the participation of a ex pat Saffa, now Aussie, Gawie du Plessis on a Cambelt Driven Single Speed Van Nicolas MTB. He has been in the lead of the Single Speed category since a left The Sleeping Bao (being the only person in the race on a SS). What might even be a bigger surprise is the fact the Gawie on his SS was until last night in a position to take line honors in Diemersfontein after riding under the radar to Damsedrif. His aspiration lies in pieces (Cambelt pieces) as his trusty belt “bolted” and snapped for the second time (Africa is not for belts…).

Mark Basel seem to have some serious white line fever as he sped his way past the Race to Paarl peeps and is storming to McGregor for a cat nap. He has shown some serious “vasbyt”

The Kwaito Abba group JIOP strolled into the Percale sheeted heaven of Dennehof joined by their now groupies Adriaan Giessing and Grant Hill. Ingrid and Omphile are virtual leaders of the Womens race the two male vocalists Paul Moxley and Jeremy Steere just so happy to share the limelight with them.

The Willows Hotel are packed tonight for the JIOP show that has been cancelled due to fatigue. Rowan Matthews has smelled the brew of possible victory and won’t be in Willows to long. He has shown intent. The entire Denny clan is together as Rupert joined Graham and Matt. The Bells, Grant Cowen and Benky Sands will Rock, Paper, Scissors for a bed tonight, with the Payne Brothers and Rutherfords joining them for late supper. Don’t tell anyone but Dawn Bell is in second in the Womens race…

Justin Bark will be having all the brownies for himself with Hestelle and Rouxné at Damsedrif.

Gawie is waiting in Kudu Kaya for a replacement single speed drivetrain… this time it will be a chain…

He is joined by Jason Wesson, Janine Oosthuizen and the Two Love Cockatoos, Nicky and Brad. Osseberg has been kind to them today.

Osseberg has not shown the same level of challenge that it has become renowned for. In recent years it’s been renamed “Mordor” as it had the mythical reputation of making people disappear, to emerge form its frightening claws covered in Mordor fruit and hardly speaking. Once in the save haven of Kudu Kaya the “victims” told stories of Ogres and compasses spinning not unlike the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe it’s waiting for a specific peep…

But oh dear, options the Ogres will have… John Barrow, Paul Arnot, Gerald Holland, Michael Patchitt, Andrew Setzkom, Gary Scoular, Andreas and Nienke, and Francis Broadford are taking on Osseberg tomorrow. They are in Hadley tonight.

The Bruce Lin twins will be better off staying in Bucklands and starting early tomorrow to try and make the 1300 bus though the Baviaanskloof. They have shown some real intent with BIG days and nights to get so close to a theoretical chance to make the gate. “Vat hom Fluffy!!!”

Sweeper Peter Roux is enjoying the last meal Pearston Hotel will be serving this Winter RASA. He has had little company on the trail and at current pace he will most probably not see anyone on this side of the Baviaanskloof.

RTP Winter 2022

I have not been keeping a close eye on the Race to Paarl contestants as I should. From what I can see Charl van der Spuy is in the front aiming or the Backpackers at McGregor with Mark Basel from the RASA.

Robert Verseput, Andrew Walker, Keith Sutcliffe, Eloise Biggs and Dominic Giampaolo seems to be in Anysberg tonight.

Justin Dowle, Bruce McKinlay. Rick and Eddie Stafford are enjoying waffles at Rouxpos.

Ray Septhon is visiting the freezing “Hel” Gamkaskloof and will take on “Die Leer” tomorrow and should push past Rouxpos for Anysberg.

O ja Lekker Kyk.

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