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The Race To Willowmore (RTW) is an unforgettable adventure by bike from Cradock to Willowmore in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

RTW is a physically and mentally demanding undertaking – to complete this challenge, riders need to be adequately trained, equipped and prepared. Apart from the fitness, riders also need to be proficient at navigation and bike maintenance.

Since the route is not marked, riders need to navigate by means of maps, compass and narrative directions – the use of GPS navigation devices during the race is not allowed and will lead to disqualification.




  • Non-stop event, riders are not required to stop every day/night as in other stage races

  • There are 5 Support stations where riders must check-in. Food and basic accommodation is provided at support stations. Bedding and towels provided

  • Riders can pre-pack 5 x 2litre ice-cream tubs with supplies such as maps, trail food, personal medications, spares etc. These are distributed to the 5 Support stations

  • In addition to the 5 support stations, there is also 1 interim stop where food and accommodation is provided

  • Solo event and all riders are required to be self-sufficient and carry all their own personal belongings with them

  • No individual seconding is permitted during the event – this means that no friends, family or other supporters may meet you along the route and offer assistance during the ride

  • Cut-off: Riders are allowed a maximum of 6 days to complete the ride

  • Rider vehicles can be transferred from Cradock to Willowmore at additional cost (2024 = R2200 plus VAT)


  • Early-bird entry R13,000 paid in full by 31 July 2024

  • Normal entry R14,500 paid in full by 31 Jan 2025 (pay instalments of your choosing)

  • Late entry/Extended payment R15,000 paid by 30 April 2025 (pay instalments of your choosing)

  • Enter HERE


  • All meals and accommodation at support stations and interim stops whilst in competition (max 6 Days)

  • Pre-race dinner and accommodation at the pre-race briefing in Cradock

  • Dinner and accommodation in Willowmore on the day/night you finish

  • Small spares at Squirt Tech Zone Station (Bucklands) including Tubes, CO2, Lube, Sealent, Tyres, anti-chaffe cream

  • Access to the downloadable set of 1:50 000 topographical maps and narrative descriptions of the race route (Pre-printed Maps cost R650 incl. VAT and delivery)

  • Transport of one small bag per rider (clothes etc) to be collected at the finish (bike bags also transported by request)

  • Shipping of 2 litre race support boxes from Race Office (Cape Town) to support stations along the route (max 5 tubs per rider)

  • Official race garment

  • Beaded Wire Buffalo Trophy (to all official finishers)


  • Deadline for all entry fee payments is as per entry deadline above

  • Start batch place is only booked once entry at least 10% (of normal entry fee) paid

  • You may pay in instalments of your choosing, please use same invoice number on all instalments

  • Withdrawals before 31 January 2025 will receive 90% refund of total entry fee

  • Withdrawals before 12 May 2025 will receive 80% refund of total entry fee

  • Withdrawals before the first batch start date will receive 70% refund of total entry fee

  • Withdrawals after the first batch start date are non-refundable

  • Map payments are 100% refundable before 31 January 2025 and non-refundable thereafter.

  • Entrant may elect to rollover refundable amount to entry fee the following year.

  • Event organisers may need to alter start batch allocations to best suit event logistics. Every effort will be made to do this to entrant requirements but altered start date does not affect payment and withdrawal terms.

  • If event does not take place due to Force Majeure, pandemic or political unrest then you may chose between rollover to postponed date or following year at no extra cost or refund as per above withdrawals and refund terms.




The route follows the Freedom Trail from Cradock to Willowmore through the Karoo and Baviaans regions of South Africa along a wide variety of off-road terrain – dirt roads, farm roads and tracks, footpaths and animal tracks. Many of the trails retrace old historic wagon routes which are no longer in regular use. Apart from the riding, there are numerous portage sections where riders will have to hike, push and even carry their bikes.

From Cradock riders head over Swaershoek Pass down to Darlington Dam via Pearston then through Kleinpoort and into the Baviaanskloof through the Grootrivierpoort and infamous Osseberg jeep track section (very overgrown). Riders then pass through the length of the majestic Baviaanskloof World Heritage Reserve and over Nuwekloof pass to Willowmore.

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