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2022 RTR (summer) Results

  1. Jacques Tattersall 2d 16h18

  2. Alex Harris 3d 05h35

  3. Janine Stewart 4d 05h35 (RASA withdrawn)

  4. Sarah Van Heeren 4d 07h50

  5. Shaun Knowles 4d 07h50

  6. Andy Wonnacott 4d 16h18 (RASA withdrawn)

  7. Sally Hayman 5d 05h50

  8. Josh Hayman 5d 05h50

  9. Gavin Robinson 5d 10h10

  10. Richard Erasmus 6d 09h15

  11. Arno Crous DNF6d 09h15

  12. Kathleen Rauch 6d 09h15

  13. Gary Preston 6d 10h01 (RASA withdrawn)

  14. Arno Crous DNF

  15. Enslin Uys DNF

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