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Observations of a rookie Buffalo Herder | Part 3 | Fiona Coward

RASA Riders are inherently interesting.

Everyone has a story.

As a herder, it's like being in an elevator. The doors open, a rider steps in, rides a floor or two with us and steps out. Yet, unlike a real elevator, those few moments are deeply insightful.

By the time, riders get to Cambria, their guard has been eroded by the trail and the intensity of their experiences.

The outer world doesn't exist. The reality is the here and now. There is no need for a façade

or to pretend they're not hurting or exhausted. And through this, we know them. We see them.

As herders, we're privileged to glimpse this. The riders arrive and leave as quickly, yet they are imprinted on our hearts.

Each one has a different imprint. Each one has a different story.

The herders salute you all.

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