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The Kiwis' race reflections | RASA 2024

Syd's race reflections

By Kate Jeffreson:

I did not really know what to expect from RASA, being a fit but novice bike rider, this has been a steep learning curve 🤣

Physically I was pushed to my limit with the riding, I loved the big downhills, struggled in the wind and learnt how to leap off a bike whilst falling. Narrow tracks are my nemesis.

The cultural aspect of this journey has been intense, coming from New Zealand I found the way many people live quite confronting, but the huge smiles and hand waves warmed my heart. What was so outstanding was the huge generosity of all of the homes we were welcomed onto, dirty, smelly, tired, hungry. The people have made this trip, not only the hosts, but the 8 of us who stuck together were of the most beautiful of humans. Roger is very tolerant 🤣

If I think of an emotional episode, it was riding alongside giraffe, strangely I almost cried, they were so beautiful.

The actual trail vexed me plenty 😆 I wanted each day to end 10 kms earlier. But that is where the real challenge comes in, pushing on when the going got tough.. I loved the bike carrying and the mountain climbing, give me that over 150 km ride any day, strange I'm sure.

This journey will live with me forever, I know it is not for everyone, but for those who love adventure and challenge, this is magic.

Lastly, Chris and Julia, your passion for this event is like nothing else, your organization is incredible, so many working, moving parts, for the riders, the flow was perfect.

Amazing job .

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