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2021 RASA Race Report #14 | Leon Erasmus

The three nipples:

• Lehanas

• Osseberg

• Stettynskloof

We had quite a few first-time riders in this year’s rendition of the Freedom Challenge. Most would have done some intelligence gathering before they attempted the RASA. Some even spent buckets to do reconnaissance missions of portions of the route. It was apparent that this might have not been money well spent…

But if you were to contact a multiple blanket wearer, they would be more than willing to spill the beans. The conversation would have gone like this: “You start in Pietermaritzburg bla-bla-Umkomaas bla-bla-bla Blackfountain-bla Vuvu valley bla then the first real challenge is LEHANAS PASS. You ride into Rhodes bla-bla-Bontehoek- bla-bla-bla OSSEBERG bla-bla-bla-Die Leer-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla STETTYNSKLOOF-bla- PIZZA – WINE – BLANKET.”

So, to the poor rookie, all they remember is Lehanas Pass, Osseberg and Stettynkloof, as these three make or break your dreams in the Freedom Challenge.

Today I watched the recording of The Kwaai Show at their latest show at the Hadley Theatre (birth place of the Freedom Dog – Hadley). During their show, Carlo (The Harlequin) gave the three giants (Lehanas, Osseberg and Stettyns) a new name. They are now known at the 3 nipples… to be continued.

Gavin Horton danced with the Ogres and in his interview admitted dancing, but he said it was with Baboons… yeah right… whatever. He missed the 0600 gate and was saved by his new buddy Charl van der Spuy in Osseberg. They are on their sleepy way to Dam-se-drif. Gavin left Toekomst yesterday and showed some real Freedom spirit by taking on Mordor (Osseberg at night). Not even the Freedom Cult Leaders would have made such a bold move. He got derailed by the Mordor Monsters and rode into Cambria with Charl. Charl had a great day pushing form Hadley to make the 1300 bus. As mentioned, they are heading for Dam-se-drif.

Greg Philps and Jan van de Putte left Hadley at first light and made it into Cambria with little squabbles. In his interview today Greg shared his story of how he got into doing this lovely race… I heard we had a few beers with Andrew Blackburn… bla-bla-bla… so here I am in Cambria.

The Kwaai Show will be joined by Gary (tandpyn) Scoular this evening. I am now sure the Greaves (Merak and Oliver) and Greg Fisher are part of the act as they have not left the group’s side since Jacob Zuma was a free man.

Not sure why Martin Victor shot past the right turn after Gegun (previous Support Station) but this made him fall behind Franci Joubert, Paul Micklewood and Scott Danoher. They will reunite in Toekomst Farmhouse tonight. They have crossed the Rubicon of halfway today, although they still have two nipples to conquer.

Axel and RG have been riding together since Damsedrif with Fjord and Jason Wesson not far behind. They all stopped in Willowmore for dinner and pushing on to Rondawel, taking advantage of dead calm night time conditions on this formidable stretch.

Richard Cole and Greg Perret enjoying the Willow hospitality, taking it very easy for the past few days.

The brothers Nigel and Adrian Payne will be in Kleinpoort tonight and are keeping their slate clean.

Roger and his Merry Men rode into Trouthaven with Kemsley Wood overtook them from Anysberg. They will take on the third and final nipple tomorrow and WINE and PIZZA in Diemerfontein if all goes according. Kemsley was in close second to get the Eland Whisperer Trophy again.

Sandy Inglis continues his solo ride and made it to Montagu tonight. He will most probably ride to Trouthaven tomorrow. Safe to say he will be alone there. At least he will have the faint track of Rogers troops to track through Stettynskloof.

The news of the superb linen, next level cuisine and hospitality made the chase to Dennehof in Prince Albert an easy sale. Sarah van Eeden, Derrick Muller, Pierre Singery, Andrew Green and Brett Andrew are snugging in there tonight.

That brings me to the Eland Whisperer Trophy for ride of the day. This goes to Kevin Meier and Derick Bingham. They left Prince Albert this morning at 0530 and at press were cresting Bosch Luys kloof after conquering Die Leer. They should taste waffles tonight in Rouxpos. Well done Kevin and Derick!

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