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2021 RASA Race Report #16 | Leon Erasmus

12 July 18h00

• Doctors

• Posers

• Lovers

• Fighters

With the number of doctors riding this year’s Freedom, it’s no wonder we need Cuban help to sustain the stability of the health care systems of South Africa. One of them, Carper Venter, has also been pulled flat, like ‘n Kudu in hunting season, by the infamous stomach bug that usually gets a few of us during the event.

The other one has shown signs that he is not a Poser after all. Axel has taken the lead by putting the hammer down from Dam-se-Drif yesterday. He rested in Rondawel from 0430 to 0930 and has a lead of 4 hours over previous leader Fjord Jordaan.

Fjord, RG du Toit and Jason Wesson stayed in the chilly Gamkaskloof (aka Die Hel)

Gamkaskloof or "Die Hel" as it has become known, is a hidden valley, deep in the heart of the formidable Swartberg Mountain Range. The fertile valley runs in an east-west direction and is approximately 20 km long and 600 meters wide. The Kloof gets its name from the Khoisan word for Lion - Gamka - also the name of the river that enters the valley from the north.

At press Fjord and Jasson are heading for Anysberg and RG du Toit Rouxpos.

Charl van der Spuy stayed in Rondawel and was on a charge to slowly catch some of the guys in front of him. He was heading for Rouxpos where he should find Greg Perret and Richard Cole.

These two left Prince Albert and rode with Gavin Horton for a large portion of the ride. Gavin would most probably carry on, with Greg and Richard settling in at Rouxpos (aka Waffle-topia).

Derrick Muller, Brett Andrew, Pierre Singery, Andrew Green and Sarah van Eeden are in Montagu tonight after battling the Cape Doctor all day.

Derrick Bingham and Kevin Meier keep on showing that consistent riding can reap the necessary results and will be resting up in Trouthaven for their assault of the last nipple – Stettynskloof.

Although without their Fearless puppit master, the Kwaai Show rode into Willowmore after a day of sandbagging it form Dam-se-Drif. Carlos Gonzaga obviously distorted by the fact that he now had to take over the leadership and décor of the show, lead his fellow showman into The Willows. Save to say there will be a show tonight even without Dr Kwaai. Oliver Greaves, Greg Fisher, Merak Greaves and special guest appearance of Greg Philps and Jan van de Putte will be the entertainment tonight on this quaint Karoo dorpie.

The brothers Payne (Nigel and Adrian) and Gary Scoular left the Eastern Baviaans Nature Reserve gate @ 0600 and headed for Dam-se-Drif. Gary succumbed to the pudding and stayed. The Payne’s are heading for Willowmore tonight and might make the Encore of the Kwaai-less Show.

Scott Danoher and Martin Victor has as all on the edge of our seats in their attempt of the Osseberg. The Buffalo Herders were warming up the Toyotas but were soon to realize the math are stacked against a 1300 gate departure. They will be serving the time in Cambria tonight and take the 0600 train to Dam-se-drif.

Paul Micklewood and Franci Joubert has decided to take it easy to Hadley where Anine and Bennie will be glad to welcome them as the final Freedom visitors to Hadley for 2021. The pair will take on Osseberg tomorrow, to probably settle for the 0600 gate day after tomorrow.

Dr Sandy Inglis rode a superb Freedom with very little mistakes made along the trail. He fought through the Stettynskloof with the focus of a rioter storming into Game to take a TV set in support of Jacob Zuma. Super effort Sandy, and Welcome to the Blanket Wearers Family. You were a pleasure to watch. You take the Eland Whisperer Trophy (rider of the day).

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