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2021 RASA | RTP Race Report #19 | Leon Erasmus

Thursday 2300

• Rock – Paper – Scissors

• Cross provincial travel

• Time Warp

For the past day or so I was outside proper contact with the world wide web. Not that being away from the chaos that is playing out is a problem, but I missed the proverbial last move…

Rock – Fjord took a gamble in Slaapkrans, which cost him dearly as he battled on with sleep monsters all the way to his mistake at Hadley, that cost him his early lead.

Paper – Gavin took a gamble to go into Mordor when the Ogres were awake, he danced all night.

Scissors – Axel took a leap to the highline around Stettynskloof that cost him his lead and ultimately the race. He finished his race today after a cold night under a space blanket near the Agter Tafelberg Hut. He ended up at the wrong side of the river, fell into it put on his warm dry kit and settled for the night close to JT’s hotel. Well done Axel on super entertainment! You deserve the Eland Whisperer Trophy today.

Franci and Paul crossed the Western Cape boarders today with the last RTP riders to mark the end of the cross provincial travel. They are resting in Prins Albert with Rebecca Sands, Jerome 0’Regan, Ralph Buddle, Stefan Nel and Sean Brown form the second RTP start batch. Carien Visser and Aryna Edward pushed on to “Die Hel” (Gamkaskloof).

Already tucked into “Die Kliphuis” in “Die Hel”, we find Scott Danhoner, Greg Philps, Jan van de Putte and Martin Vistor. Scott and Martin riding in from Rouxpos, Jan and Greg from Prins Albert.

Greg Perret and Richard Cole have been cruising together and have settled for their final planned rest in Trouthaven and will attempt Stettynskloof at first light tomorrow.

The brothers Payne were still on their way at time of press and will most probably settle for the self-catering haven of Anysberg for the night. They rode from Gamkaskloof just before sunrise. They seem to have fun and are enjoying each other’s company.

Merak and son Oliver Greaves and Greg Fisher rode from Rouxpos to Montagu and should aim for Trouthaven tomorrow. Unless they decide to stay just a little bit longer… They are joined by RTP riders Sally and Josh Hayman. A delightful couple that plans to do all the shorter rides for now. As Josh put it, and I quote: “as soon as our kids are grown, we will do the Freedom, as we want to do it together.”

This morning I met Dr Kwaai and the Harlequin on their way to Gamkaskloof. Both were in good spirits and Casper made it clear the it’s “kwaai” like in “lekker” not “kwaai” like “de moer in”. Carlo was also himself again and even gave as the customary “Gonzo OUT!”. They will have a show in Rouxpos tonight.

Gary Scoular is riding with torn ankle ligaments and a sore tooth but made great progress to get himself to Rouxpos for the Kwaai Show. He was reluctant to afford the bearded Leeutjie an interview this morning. This until he realized he was not hallucinating, but it is his 2016 Freedom brother stuffing the camera in his face. He told me that he has had quite a few “snot en trane” moments in this years Freedom. Gary has a huge backpack which he says is for his Jetboil stove (according to him it can bring a cup to boil in 20 seconds…) maybe something Fjord, Gavin and Axel should invest in.

Anthony and Peter raced hard to Prins Albert and on but lost a lot of time at Die Leer. Peter Roux withdrew at Rouxpos leaving Anthony to chase the dream to break 3 days. At press he was outside McGregor and will have to push all night to make the goal.

Sarah van Eeden led a whole army into Diemersfontein. She finished with Derrick Muller, Brett Andrew, Andrew Green and Pierre Singery. Just before them Charl van der Spuy earned his blanket with a super final day. Gavin Horton came in next. Third in the RASA, earning him the multiple blanket wearer badge. RG du Toit also complete his Freedom today in style.

And so, we see the Freedom family grow more each day as someone finishes. It is important to remember the words my friend and fellow Freedom brother André (Fish) Visser uttered to me. This before my first Freedom. It is not about the time, it is about the blanket… that friends and family in Freedom, is the time warp.

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