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2021 RASA | RTR | Race Report #8 | Leon Erasmus

As the last full Freedom riders (The Brothers Payne) arrived in Rhodes yesterday evening at 20h30 and the Kruger Clan setting off from Vuvu this morning we bid the Maluti fairwell. Once again, the first leg of the RASA (aka RTR) has taken no prisoners and popped the dreams of many that prepared months for their battle against the unknown. We leave the more Rural and rougher phase and enter the kloof and gravel roads of the Eastern Cape.

The highlight of the day was The Gladiator smashing the Race to Rhodes record and winning overall in 3 days and 10 hours and 6 minutes improving Janine Stewarts record by 54 minutes. Super effort Ingrid Avidon!!!

Unofficial Race to Rhodes results (still to be verified):

  1. Ingrid Avidon3:10:06:06

  2. Philip Fullaway 4:09:58:01

  3. Bruce McKinlay 4:11:44:01

  4. Justin Dowdle 4:11:44:01

  5. Mick Joyce 5:08:23:46

  6. Johann Lombard 5:08:23:46

  7. Trevor White 5:08:42:09

  8. Nick Rizzato 5:08:45:00

  9. Andrew Holmes 5:08:45:01

  10. Simon Marlin 5:08:45:56

  11. Michelle Glover 5:09:07:24

  12. Mike Glover 5:09:07:24

  13. John Exley 5:09:07:24

  14. Arn de Haas 5:10:24:35

  15. Nicholas Brouckaert 5:10:24:35

  16. Andrew Walker 5:10:42:55

  17. Mark Cowley 5:13:39:38

  18. Richmond MacIntyre 5:15:08:47

  19. Leon KrugerStill to finish

  20. Brian KrugerStill to finish

  21. Andrew PearsonDNF

  22. Andrew BlackburnDNS

  23. Brad van der WesthuizenDNS

  24. Nicola NairnDNS

At the spear of the race, we have Roger Nicholson, Iain Russell, Andrew Cromhout, Sean Shaw and Dominic Giampaolo (aka the Trophy Bunch). They made a clean run from Bucklands past Oom Bennie and Anine at Hadley and took on Osseberg (Known as Mordor at night) missing nightfall by a whisker. Safe bet that they will ride to Dam-se-drif today and get spoiled by Hestelle. They do seem like the group to beat to be first in Diemersfontein.

Second on the road is Sandy Inglis now at Kleinpoort (a beautiful interim Support Station). Unfortunately his riding partner, Craig Norris, developed a serious abdominal pain en route to Kleinpoort and had to be rushed off to Hospital in PE for tests. Sorry to see Craig go and wishing him a speedy recovery. Sandy is strong and might catch-up to the Trophy Bunch in the next three days.

Third group and first lady Sarah van Eeden resting at Fietskraal with Kemsley, Andrew, Brett and Pierre they have kept their record clean for today. They were joined by Kevin and Derrick during the night, these two flying below the radar and keeping their rap sheet clean. Well done boys!.

Richard and Greg had a kiep at Elandsberg from Romansfontein apart form a quick “how’s your nav” on top of Asvoëlberg seemed squeaky clean.

The Erasmus Kommando rolled into Hofmeyr to take over the Hotel… No pop corn moment for them today. RG du Toit been crawling through Groot Seekoeigat on his way to Romanfontein and should be there by the time you read this.

Brosterlea will never be the same again as Picasso Scoular made that his nest for the night. Gary is a seasoned rider collecting his fifth backet this year he is taking it easy. He is joined by Tracey Lentin second lady rider and showing some super “vasbyt”

Jan, Charl and Greg settled for Kranskop round 19:00 yesterday evening.

Young Oliver and Dad Merak Greaves settled for Slaapkrans with Scott Danoher and Greg Fisher. Greg spent the remaining 3 hours of his 6 hour penatly at Chesneywold. He left before his Tour Tjoms and meeting up at Minky’s patch again (race rules allows for the daylight penalty to be served within a 24 hours period). They were joined by the Race leaders (Boere Muppets) of Chris van Zyl and Fjord Jordaan. But more on the race later.

Gonzo left Gavin Horton at Rhodes with Gavin trying to fight off a tight chest and rode to Chesneywold where the Doctors Inc caught up with him. Axel and Casper have been riding a super race with very little errors and resting well. They might still become the official challengers for race honors.

In Rhodes we have third lady on the trail Franci Joubert and Paul riding together since the start with Martin Victor and Mike Nixon all arriving during the day. They were joined by the Brothers Payne and recovering racing snake Gavin Horton.

The overall race leaders have not been inspiring confidence with regards to their navigation once the stars are awake. The 4 Muppets got split in Rhodes with Fjord and Chris pushing on, they strolled into Slaapkrans after 12 hours where Fjord made a break up the Slaapkrans portage leaving Chris behind. Fjord lost time in the beginning of the first portage when he could not find the path up and then again on top of the portage. We should see this morning if he has made the Bontehoek portage. Chris will most probably leave Slaapkrans with the Greaves and we shall see if he will stay with them or maybe follow the Drs Inc. once they catch him.

Race pics | 4 July 2021 | Llewellyn Lloyd // Reblex Photography

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