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Strategies….and how they play out.

Mike Woolnough (true to character) went all out all guns blazing, and tried to hit the 13:00 gate, but failed….why? who knows, he’s certainly not fresh (just won R2C, is riding a single speed, getting old, who knows?)

Anthony flew out and hit Toekomst by 17:00, had some tyre issues (not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time…please buy a new bike Anthony), so was slow to get out…but pushed on, but must have realized he couldn’t get the 13:00 escort and cruised out to Bucklands, and had a reasonable sleep, planing to hit the 6:00 gate.

Danie pushed hard to Toekomst and was the quickest in. But then pulled up the handbrake at 17:00….he got back on the bike again at midnight…and In an epic push got through to Cambria this evening (no mean feat ). Weird strategy in my opinion….but it worked.

So the deciding stage comes in to play tomorrow ….

One of the deciding factors as to who wins will be Mike, Danie and Anthony’s accompanying riders. You can only ride as fast as your fellow riders in the reserve….if they’re slow you have to wait…so Grant, Shaun, David, Mark and Deon will have a say in who wins!

Mikes single speed is a distinct disadvantage on the reserve climbs...but perhaps an advantage from the buffalo's a gentle climb out to the Uniondale turnoff...A single speed can be faster...but the drop down to Willowmore will be much faster on gears....

The Race to Willowmore is not over!!!!

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