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2022 RASA (summer) Results

  1. Mike Woolnough 15d 06h15

  2. Nigel Payne 17d 13h00

  3. Adrian Payne 17d 13h00

  4. Craig Bosenberg 18d 07h45

  5. Andrew Rose 18d 09h44

  6. Michael Talbot 18d 10h30

  7. Ingrid Serritslev Talbot 18d 10h30

  8. Mark Preen 19d 07h15

  9. Murray James 19d 09h26

  10. Tim James 19d0 9h26 (SS)

  11. Stefan Coetzee 21d 07h15

  12. Ian Henderson 21d 11h30

  13. Jacqueline Shaw 21d 12h29

  14. Dave Templeton 21d 12h29

  15. Guy Henderson 25d 13h08

  16. Janine Wencke 25d 13h08

  • Andy Wonnacott DNF

  • Janine Stewart DNF

  • Gary Preston DNF

  • Nicole Morse DNF

  • Marelisa Badenhorst DNF

  • Sean Privett DNF

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