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RTW 2022 Results

  1. Mike Woolnough 2d 11h58

  2. Daniel Otto 2d 14h40

  3. Anthony Avidon 2d 16h12

  4. Christopher Mortimer 2d 22h23

  5. Mark Basel 2d 22h23

  6. Grant Cowen 3d 14h09

  7. Shaun Tischendor 3d 14h09

  8. Mark Cowley 3d 14h10

  9. Ingrid Avidon 3d 15h08

  10. Omphile Motaung 3d 15h08

  11. Arn de Haas 3d 15h15

  12. David Holyoak 4d 06h01

  13. Deon Vrey 4d 06h01

  14. Axel Poser 4d 08h57

  15. Guy Dudley 4d 13h03

  16. Blaine Peckham 4d 15h45

  17. Craig Cockburn 5d 08h40

  18. Emma Lombaard 5d 08h40

  19. Andy Wesson 7d 20h57 (run)

  20. Dean Barclay 7d 20h57 (run)

  21. Nicky Booyens 7d 20h57 (run)

  22. Peter Purchase 7d 20h57 (run)

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